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The Back Of Beyond Wilderness Electronics And Gear Store

Wilderness Electronics and Gear,  Long Range CB Radios, High Power Cell Phone Amplifiers.


  long range cb radio, high power ssb truckers radio. Oilfield trucks often carry CB radios. Having a good quality CB in your personal vehicle can come in very handy sometimes, especially if you break down in the middle of nowhere.

 Oil and gas wells are often drilled in places far, far off the beaten path. If you are thirty miles off the paved road in the back of a national forest your cell phone most likely won't work. Here you will find a collection of long range cell phone boosters that are useful for remote areas. I personally use the Digital Antenna repeater type booster with a Wilson dual band magnetic mount antenna.

I have included some gear for hiking and camping in the store too.  GMRS radios have a line of sight range of around 20 miles (mountain to mountain) and will keep you in touch with your  hiking or hunting party.  A SPOT  Satellite Locator allows you to send a 911 message or  e-mail message to friends from anywhere on earth and cost only about six dollars a month. See the store below for long range SSB CB radios, high power CB radios, high power cell phone boosters and high gain cell phone antennas including directional long range cell phone antennas for remote locations.

Why Have A High Power CB Radio, High Power Cell Phone Booster or SPOT Satellite Messenger? Long range CB radios and high power cell phone boosters can help you keep connected in  remote areas  of the western U.S. and Canada. In many western states there are areas where there is no  cell phone coverage at all and you may need something else to call for help.  Why a high power SSB radio? A long range CB radio with SSB can reach out farther than one you buy in a discount store. You may be able to talk up to 30 miles on a high power SSB CB radio, or even much, farther. I do not advocate tuning it to higher power since this is illegal, but it is technically possible with Galaxy and Ranger radios. Many people make a hobby out of "DX" or talking on high power CB radios to other operators on the other side of the world when conditions are right. Although it is technically illegal to talk to someone in another part of the country or world on a high power CB radio, it is a hobby that many pursue for fun. Since there are so many people listening on high power SSB CB radios your call for help from a remote area may be heard if your cell phone does not work.   For those who can't afford a satellite phone a high power CB radio and a device called the SPOT Messenger is a good choice for "the back of beyond". The SPOT satellite messenger is a small device that fits easily in the glove compartment and  allows you to send anyone an e-mail message from anywhere on the planet. Cost is about six bucks a month for service after you buy the device. Cell phone boosters can help you make a cell phone call in remote areas where normal cell phones won't work since they boost your signal to three full watt, instead of one quarter watt that a normal cell phone puts out.

A personal locator beacon can mean the difference in survival or perishing when help is needed far off the beaten track. Anyone who spends time in the back of beyond should carry a PLB. A good mapping GPS is also very handy. (A hard copy map and compass should be carried as well in case of battery or device failure).  I have had GPS failure before while miles off the trail and had to use my old skills of topographic map reading and compass bearings. There is no safety net like redundancy. Weight is a consideration for long backcountry hikes and I usually give it up in other areas but take a PLB, GMRS radio and GPS combo (The Garmin Rhino). In the evening you can scan the channels on the FRS-GMRS band for other hikers in the area and get tips on trail conditions by listening to conversations from parties at lower or higher altitudes. Since these radios are so common and reach so far you are likely to hear quite a few conversations in a place such as Yellowstone. However, you may not be able to talk to the parties that you hear since many radios have privacy codes that have been enabled. About half of users never enable them so a shout out to someone you hear talking might yield results. The most reliable way to get out a distress call is a PLB or Personal Locator Beacon or a SPOT locator. You should carry a cell phone just in case there is reception and a solar charger. Many of the solar chargers that you see here in the Wilderness Survival Store have adapters for a variety of cell phones, rechargeable GPS and two way radio units. You can hang the solar changer off the back of your backpack as you hike and charge up your equipment. I also take along the top of a solar patio light with a LED light and hang it off my pack. It provides about six hours of good light at camp and weighs just under six ounces. Two way radios such as GRMS radios can help you stay in touch. Check out The Garmin Rhino that is sold here in the store. It is one of my favorite products and has a GPS and GMRS-FRS radio built in to one unit. If is very cool to use for geocaching and paintball teams since Rhino users can track each other and see the location of their friends on the unit's map. For persons that live and travel in remote areas, consider a cell phone booster from our store. A unit like the Digital Antenna wireless booster will enable you to get a signal in many places where you have no service. It will not make your phone work everywhere, but it will double the number of places in the backwoods where you can make a call. I have used it for a couple of years now both in my job and on my wilderness camping trips. In Big Bend National Park for example, I was able to get a signal way down along the four wheel drive trail along the Rio Grande (in a few places). My phone without the booster and rooftop antenna had no bars. I hope you enjoy the selection of outdoor survival gear and electronic gadgets from the Back of Beyond. Be safe .

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