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Photos Taken In The Eagle Ford Shale Area Of South Texas

The following are photos of Eagle Ford shale wells, pipeline projects, pumping stations and other oilfield subjects. Below is a photo of natural gas flares on a new Eagle Ford shale well in Karnes county.

photo of natural gas flare on Eagle Ford Shale well at night


This photo shows three Eagle Ford Shale wells on pumpjacks, taken at sunrise.

A spider with a moth drawn to the flame of an H2S gas flare.

H2S gas flare in Eagle Ford shale and spiderweb.

The next image is of a gas plant under construction near Fashing, in Atascosa county Texas. This plant will process liquids - rich natural gas from Eagle Ford shale wells.

photo of natural gas processing plant in Eagle Ford Shale under construction

New motels are under construction in nearly every major town in the Eagle Ford shale play area. This one is being built in Floresville, in Wilson county. Currently Eagle Ford shale drilling in Wilson county is just beginning to take off. The bulk of oil and gas drilling activity is located just to the south in counties such as McMullen, LaSalle, DeWitt, Gonzales and Live Oak. On the right, below, is a photo of a new motel under construction in Pleasanton, Texas, next to a new car dealership.

photo of new motel in Floresville Texas photo of new motel in Pleasanton - Jourdanton.

The next Eagle Ford shale photo shows a new oil well and a drilling rig in the background, just inside the Atascosa county line. Weatherford pumpjacks are being used on many new oil wells in the Eagle Ford shale. The company is opening a large regional facility on IH-37, just north of Loop 1604, south of San Antonio.

photo of new Eagle Ford Shale well in Atascosa county Texas. photo oh Weatherford pumpjack on new well just inside Atascosa County line from Karnes County

Next is a photo of a shale well location with a tank battery, heater - treater unit and gas flare in southern Atascosa county Texas. Note the white gravel used to make up the oil well pad site. The gravel may have been brought in by train from far away, as seen below, or mined from a nearby open pit gravel mine, as seen in the third photo.

new oil well  location in Karnes County Texas train hauling gravel to be used building new Eagle Ford Shale well locations and roads

Selling gravel used to build oil well locations and roads in the Eagle Ford shale is becoming big business. Owners of gravel mines such as the one seen below are reaping large profits, as oil companies continue to require more aggregate material for drilling site construction and for new lease roads. Historically there has been oil and gas production across much of the current EFS play area, as indicated by these abandoned pumpjacks in Karnes county. Past production amounts are being eclipsed by new wells, some of which are producing as much as 2000 barrels of oil per day.

a gravel mine in Karnes County where aggregate is being obtained for new Eagle Ford Shale well locations and roads abandoned pump jacks in Karnes County Texas

A pumpjack set against the rising sun in the volatile oil window of the EFS.

Most new pumpjacks that you see in the Eagle Ford shale area are temporarily running on portable generators. While this is great for Eagle Ford shale generator rental companies, it's not an economical long term solution. Power companies such as South Texas Electric Cooperative are working nonstop installing new electric lines to wells, compressor stations and gas plants across the area.

photo of new electric lines being installed near Fashing Texas  South Texas electric cooperative substation in Fashing.

A new electrical substation under construction in the Eagle Ford shale near Karnes City. Electricity is one of the key infrastructure ingredients that must be developed in the play. In the second photo below you can see a new natural gas compressor station under construction near Campbellton Texas.

new electric substation being built in Karnes County Texas new natural gas compressor station under construction

Photo of large RV park in Gonzales Texas, which is serving the needs of oilfield workers such as gravel truck drivers. Note the gravel trucks in the background. Eagle Ford truck driving jobs are hard to fill, and companies are even recruiting as far north as Michigan for new drivers. Gravel and frac sand hauling trucks are not normally idle during the daytime, but this photo was taken on Easter weekend. Next, a photo of oil and gas separators sitting in an oilfield equipment storage yard near Jourdanton, waiting to be installed on new well locations.

Eagle Ford Shale RV Park in Gonzales Texas oil and gas production equipment including separators in storage yard near Jourdanton.

Some Eagle Ford shale wells produce dangerous H2S gas, which must be flared off, as seen in the first photo on this page. Below are oil company signs warning of the dangers of natural gas pipelines and H2S gas.

H2S warning sign in Eagle Ford Shale high-pressure natural gas pipeline warning sign

Below is a photo of a chemical injection tank and pump used to prevent buildup of scale and corrosiong in lines. It may also inject antifreeze solutions such as methanol, which is used to keep ice from forming in natural gas lines during cold weather. The sales of oil and gas well treatment chemicals is just one part of a growing oilfield service industry in South Texas. On the right is a photo of an oilfield vacuum truck, or water hauling truck, which are used to haul produced water from recently fracked wells to Eagle Ford shale saltwater disposal wells.

anti-corrosion injection pump and tank near oil well.  oilfield vacuum truck parked in Karnes County Texas

(Left) Photo of  Eagle Ford shale oilfield worker's toy parked at RV park in Smiley, TX. The image below, (right,) shows vacuum trucks unloading brine water at a saltwater injection well near Jourdanton. Disposal of Eagle Ford shale saltwater or brine water is becoming big business and many companies are aggressively competing for business from oil and gas companies.

photo of oilfield workers custom motorcycle  photo of oilfield saltwater disposal well facility south of Jourdanton Texas.

If you would like a high resolution copy of any of these oilfield photos, please contact the author at the e-mail link below for permission. Most oil and gas photos on this site are free for educational use, while others may be purchased for a small fee or used online with a live link back to us.

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