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More Photos Of Oil Pump Jacks and Pumping Equipment

Here are some more photos of oil pumping equipment which is used to pump oil from the ground.

The photos below were ironically taken near the town of Sundown, west of Lubbock. They show oil pumping equipment known as pumpjacks set against a deep red sunset. The sunset seen in the photo with these pump jacks has not been altered in any way. It resulted after a major dust storm in the area. I took these photos in 2008 when I was working for an oilfield service company contracted to Occidental Petroleum, which operates a the Slaughter Field Unit, one of the most productive mature oilfields in the U.S.

Oil pumping equipment in Texas.















Below: An oilfield pumpjack and the Milky Way. This photo was taken near Jourdanton, Texas in the large new Eagle Ford Shale oilfield.

Photo of pumpjack and sunset in Permian Basin oilfield. Antique oil pumping equipment in Texas.

The photo above shows historic oil pumping equipment which would have been used around 1930. It was taken at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. Below (left) is a modern pump jack operating near the town of Hobbs New Mexico. To the right of it is an example of a pump jack that is powered by single cylinder natural gas engines which obtain their fuel from the same oil and gas well they pump petroleum from. You typically see pump jack engines running on natural gas in areas that are far from power lines.

Photo of modern pump jack used to pump crude oil. Photo of oil pumping equipment at well.

Below, "End of The Rainbow", shows a pumpjack, tank battery and rainbow, with drilling rig in background.

Pump jack photo with rainbow.














Below, West Texas pumpjack with wind turbines in background. This photo was taken near Midland - Odessa. Wind energy may never completely replace oil, but the juxtaposition of the two technologies makes for an interesting photo.

pump jack and wind farm turbines in Texas

More photos of oil pumping equipment.

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