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Photos Of Wind Turbines In West Texas

The photos on this page were taken at wind farms in West Texas near the town of Big Spring and also Sterling City. Wind farms have become a dominant part of the landscape in this region and are helping revitalize the economy by providing green jobs and revenue for landowners. The jobs created by wind farms however are much fewer than those created by the oil and gas industry in West Texas. Also, unfortunately many of the wind turbines seen in these photos are made overseas by Vestas, a Danish corporation. GE is a large manufacturer of wind turbines in the United States and there are jobs created erecting and maintaining these huge wind farms. Hopefully we will see more of them being made in this country instead of by overseas wind turbine manufacturers.  Photos on this page are copyrighted and may be purchased in high resolution by contacting us. photo of wind turbines at sunset photo of wind turbine and oil oil pumpjack

In the photo above are wind turbines at sunset near Sterling City Texas. In the next photo perhaps you will see the "Iron -y" of the image. A rusty old flyweel on an American brand pumpjack and in the background wind turbines spinning away. Wind energy is not likely to displace oil anytime soon but the landscape of West Texas sure is changing with more wind farms being built every year. There is now (2010) over 9410 Megawatts of wind power energy being generated in Texas, more than any other state.

 photo of cows grazing in field with wind turbines

The wind turbines in a field of maize (below,) are part of the Papalote wind farm near Portland, TX which is owned by E.ON.

wind turbine photo take from base looking up. abandoned oil well and pumpjack next to wind farm turbines

  Full moon rising behind wind farm and turbine.

Above a photo of a wind turbine taken from the base looking up. It's hard to fathom just how big these things are. The motor housing or square part up on top behind the blades is as large as a regular sized school bus.   Second photo above: Old oilfield pumpjack sits abandoned and missing the iconic "horses Head" on the front as new wind turbines spin nearby.

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If you wish to purchase any of the above photos in high resolution contact me at the link below. Many photos on this site are free to use with attribution or with a link to us, but please ask first.

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